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Wrap & Roll desires to reposition its brand to bring customers a new, approachable, youthful, modern, and memorable image, including its logo, brand identity, and brand visual.

Comma has utilized the idea of the characteristic dishes of Wrap & Roll, which are rolls, to create a unique logo while still maintaining the main color schemes and materials that tell the story.

The logo is a circle symbolizing a cross-section of a Wrap & Roll roll, where from the outermost layer to the innermost layer, there are rice paper, vegetables, and other ingredients such as shrimp, meat,…creating a harmonious balance, completeness, and allure of the dish. The brand identity and brand visuals continue to be used in sync with the logo to create a cohesive and unified entity memorable image.


About Wrap & Roll

Wrap & Roll nourishes and sublimates traditional recipes, creating unique Vietnamese cuisine experience for customers, cherishing every moment of sharing.
Geographically a stretch of land in S-letter shape, Vietnam boasts a rich cuisine with various raw materials and tastes, from Northern “tương bần”, shrimp paste to Central “mắm cá”, “tương hột” or Southern pure fish sauce made from anchovies in Phu Quoc region.
The most important thing for a perfect dish comes from the poetic delight of refined sauces. At Wrap & Roll, we make our own sauces based on traditional recipes. They are the results of a process of discovering, collecting and filtering the quintessences of Vietnamese cuisine, which makes our homemade sauces the perfect comdiments to freshly prepared dishes at Wrap & Roll.