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The successful completion of every Comma creative project hinges on the invaluable collaboration and trust fostered by the client’s dedicated staff. Their ongoing motivation and insightful contributions served as vital sources of inspiration throughout the project, propelling us towards a shared vision. Our deepest gratitude extends to the talented team at OCB and our internal team for their unwavering creativity and tireless efforts during the project implementation process.

OCB Bank | UX/UI design & Development


Renew your digital experience
In alignment with OCB Bank’s overarching objective of fortifying its operational capabilities to effectively enact forthcoming strategies and enhance competitiveness within the digital era, Comma meticulously undertook the project which encompassed efforts ranging from the initial consulting and proposal phase to the subsequent design and development stages, all aimed at optimizing user experience and crafting a contemporary interface.

Revolutionizing SME business management with an all-in-one Ecosystem
Facing the challenge of repositioning the brand. The main goal is to grow from a software solution into a comprehensive business ecosystem and improve all product applications. Additionally, it aims to establish a closer connection with users and position itself as a national symbol of everyday intimacy.
COMMA collaborated to translate this strategy into a brand concept and visual identity, preserving the essence of the brands while driving them into the future. This marks a pivotal moment for OCB, requiring a bold leap in visual identity to align with its growth goals and better reflect the company’s core values.