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Hera Cruises is a five-star cruise service in Ha Long Bay inspired by the Greek mythological goddess Hera – known for her protection of marriage, family life, and virtues of sanctity and sustainability.

Based on the brand name, Comma has created a logo and brand identity with a distinct character for Hera Cruise. The logo combines the beauty of the goddess Hera, wind and sea waves, and the crown of the goddess. Comma cleverly transforms the crown into the hat of a sailor – a distinctive symbol of the sea and the image of people on ships. Overall, the logo conveys the meaning that the goddess Hera will always embrace, protect, and bestow blessings upon the Hera Cruise.

The brand identity uses the blue color of the ocean as the main color mixed with yellow to create a sense of luxury, sophistication, modernity, and youthfulness.


Hera Cruise

Hera Cruises — The Finest Luxury Boutique Cruise In Halong Bay.

Hera Cruise offers an elegant lifestyle and a truly 5 star experience combining the refinement of a sophisticated hotel with the opportunity to explore incredible Halong Bay and exotic locals. The boat features 11 spacious cabins, each with a unique theme. Supreme comfort is present in every detail of the sumptuously comfortable cabins, antique style furnitures, luxurious linens and world-class amenities. The rich wooden interior throughout the boat creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, and there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. With a whole host of conveniences, your vacation truly begins the moment you step foot on the boat.