Key Visual

Print Collateral


Marking a bold and transforming step in its development process, Eximbank is determined to “transform into a dragon” in its 2020 Lunar New Year publication.

Inspired by the dominant green color on the logo and familiar folk materials such as carp, dragon, clouds, lotus, etc., Comma has skillfully reproduced a close and truthful depiction of Eximbank and the story of “carp jumping the dragon gate” through familiar publications such as wall calendars, desk calendars, congratulatory letters and lucky red envelopes.

The East culture seriously promotes the carp jumps over the gate to become dragon. This presents a lot of effort, luck and move themselves breathtaking to get what they target and aim to achieve. The Carp is presenting persistence, bravery when it swims upstream with so much durability and effort toget over the dragon’s gate. The dragon is considered as spiritual creature for power, authority and respect. The image of the carp turning into the dragon is the power symbol of renovation and continuous developing.
The visual with six different visualizations represents for six periods of the carp with strongly efforts, challenge taken to turn into the dragon. Each of visual brings out the meaning of growing and achieving within 12 months that is a metaphor of successful and achievements.


Wall calendar